Vapour Blasting Work

Did you know we do vapour blasting as well?

In and around all our work getting your bikes ready for riding season, running our annual tire sale (still on until March 10th by the way), and running our machine shop, we also do vapour blasting to get your parts looking their best!  Here are a few pics of some of our recent projects.


Here we have the head from John’s Laverda (an Italian manufacturer), which is showing the before and after effects of vapour blasting.

John’s Laverda in progress!









Next up is Rick’s 1980 Yamaha TT500. On this project, we actually vapour blasted the entire engine as one part! This shows you that vapour blasting can work well in a number of situations, and you always have options on how you want to proceed; piece by piece, one entire assembly, or somewhere in between!

Rick’s 1980 Yamaha TT500