Here at Wolfe Worx we service on all makes, all models, and custom projects.  We have extensive experience with all the major manufacturers and many of the smaller ones as well.  This team has over 75 years of combined technical experience with long distance, street riding, road racing, motocross, dirt track, trials, and enduro racing applications.

For your convenience, we offer while-you-wait oil and tire changes, and some small services as well. Wolfe Worx uses all the best equipment and products and can offer you the original equipment parts by the manufacturer (OEM), or we can offer you aftermarket parts from our many suppliers.  We have a US mailbox and many US suppliers, so we can save you money on brokerage and shipping charges.  In the winter, we also offer free seminars to help you understand your motorcycle better.

We do all repairs in house, including brakes, tires, suspension, carbs, 2-stroke, 4-stroke, performance tuning, and rebuilds. Unlike the automotive industry, we opt to rebuild the original parts, rather than purchasing replacements.  This is especially the case for vintage motorcycles, where replacement parts are often no longer available.